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What to do at Subic Bay

Subic Bay offers a very wide range of activities, Ocean Adventure, Zoobic Safari, JEST Camp, Treetop Adventure, Sailing, Scuba Diving to name a few.

Capone Island Group

The Capones are on the other side of the Cino Picos that overlook Subic Bay. This Photograph is from San Antiono Zambales.

White Rock Water Park and Hotel

Near the north end of Subic Bay in the Town of Subic, This upscale resort has beautiful beaches and a full water park complete with wave pools

The Beach at Camayan Beach Resort

Camayan Beach Resort and Ocean Adventure are located in the Jungle where Subic Bay meets the Sea. Camayan Divers a dive operator is located at the resort

Ocean Adventure Zambales Coast Spanish 
lighthouse Silver Streak Capones Sunset Ocean Adventure
Formerly Seahorse Tours
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The New Seahorse Tours Website

Subic Bay serves as one of the top recreation venue in the Philippines, it showcases high class and mid-range hotels and resorts and serves as the perfect playground for sports and adventure. For years, Seahorse Tours and Souvenirs, was Subic Bay Philippines's leading travel agency and tour operator, represents a range of hotels and resorts in Subic Bay, hotel accommodations from simple dorm rooms to 5 Star hotels and resorts. As mention below, the online booking engines had better reservation systems and reached more possible clients. Many travel agents worldwide have converted to using these systems within their office and receiving about the same amount of commissions as they do dealing directly with the hotels and it is much easier this new way.

As you browse the internet you will see a great many ads for the different booking engines. Click on one ad it will take you to a booking site. Unlike the online reservation systems that are just computer systems we know Subic Bay. We live here. I decided along with a few former Seahorse Staff to reinvent our website.  We will use a similar program that we had before. We have created webpages for hotels and resorts that we believe in, some are done others are still being reviewed. We frequently inspect the hotels and resorts we represent on our website. You will not find every hotel in Subic Bay on our website, some do not meet our standards. Instead of taking manual books as we did before, we will do what other travel agents are doing, partner with an online booking engine. The booking engines, such as Agoda, have commitments from hotels for rooms. This allows them to take real time bookings.

As we develop our new approach, you will find that we will offer more information that most online travel agencies. Many people find that the information on the online bookings sites confusing. While the information comes directly from the hotels, it is in the form of check list and fill in the blanks which are not always fully understood by the hotel owners. Add in the fact that people have no firm answer where they are. Subic is a generic answer for a number of different locations.

We will also be building up our activities pages and what to do at Subic Bay. Currently they are outdated. It is not a small task, the Old seahorse site has over 300 pages index by google search engine. That not counting the blog post or photographic galleries. As you browse the website, if the page looks like this one for colors and general layout you can be assured that it was updated in 2015. This new website has been designed to me mobile friendly. It will respond to the device you are using, even reordering parts of the site so you can see it clearly on your android cell phone, tablet or IPad.

I also plan to expand out the diving section of this website.  While Subic Bay has been very popular as a wreck diving and a technical diving destination for decades, muck diving is gaining increasing popularity and Subic Bay has some great muck sites.


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