Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving

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What to do at Subic Bay

Subic Bay offers a very wide range of activities, Ocean Adventure, Zoobic Safari, JEST Camp, Treetop Adventure, Sailing, Scuba Diving to name a few.

Capone Island Group

The Capones are on the other side of the Cino Picos that overlook Subic Bay. This Photograph is from San Antiono Zambales.

White Rock Water Park and Hotel

Near the north end of Subic Bay in the Town of Subic, This upscale resort has beautiful beaches and a full water park complete with wave pools

The Beach at Camayan Beach Resort

Camayan Beach Resort and Ocean Adventure are located in the Jungle where Subic Bay meets the Sea. Camayan Divers a dive operator is located at the resort

Ocean Adventure Zambales Coast Spanish 
lighthouse Silver Streak Capones Sunset Ocean Adventure
Formerly Seahorse Tours
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International Scuba Diving

diving at subic bay

Welcome to 2016 version of Seahorse Tours.

When I started Seahorse Tours ten years ago, I laid the framework for digital marketing for all of tourism of Subic Bay. It really gave a great boost to all of the hotels and results as well as the dive industry. As I mention elsewhere on the site, advances in internet technology caused the way we were doing business as noncompetitive. We did not have the ability to match the trading systems such as Agoda has.

In 2015, I started a modest effort to redo this website. While much still needs to be done it, was a good start. One of the changes was to incorporate into the website the advance technology that lead to the closure of the physical agency. One of the strange items is that almost 60% of the online bookings were for hotels outside of the area. Clearly our previous customers look to us still and the search engines still like us.

In 2016, I will continue this effort of revitalizing the Seahorse website. I also am going to expand what I know best, the scuba diving section. I am going to redo the Subic Dive pages and add new content. I am also going to expand with diving information on the international market. The international booking for Scuba diving is behind the resort industry so I expect it to be slow going for a while. There are a number of good websites that helps inform divers of dive destinations and can help with the reservation process. One website that comes to mind is It has an interesting array of dive destinations and trip reports for different dive sites around the world. Scuba divers can upload images and reply to blog comments with information they have first hand knowledge of.

My efforts will be going in a different direction. In a few months a major diving website will start having a weekly column that is written by me. The first twenty weeks are already written and will be compiled into a book. Something similar will be the focus of the new diving section of the Seahorse website. I will start a weekly column for new divers so they can become more comfortable about our sport, learning those things not taught in the Open Water Diver programs. I will start a destination section, it will be slow adding a new destination each month but with more in-depth information. That is basically my goals for this year. Keep watching the site and the information should start in a few weeks



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