Trekking     The Philippines is well known for its natural beauty. The Subic Bay area is ideal for hikers and trekkers to explore the country side. Its geographical location lends to many different types of treks. At a very basic level is the two or three hour eco-tours offered in cooperation with the Aetas of the area. The Aeta are a indigenous people who have lived in the jungles of central Luzon since before recorded history. During the era that the Subic Bay Freeport had been an US Navy installation, the Aeta were allowed to live in their ancestral lands and many were even employed as forest rangers. Having lived in the Jungles there knowledge jungle survival was unsurpassed. The US had hired many Aeta as instructors for the Jungle Environment Survival Training Center (JEST), now the JEST shows tourist a taste of the jungle. The eco-tours is an easy hike with a Aeta guide, along the way the guide will point out plants that have medical properties, sources of food and even how to get water from bamboo. Done in the virgin triple canopy rainforest of the Subic Bay Freeport, An overnight version of the trek is also available. The top photo shows a view across Subic Bay to the Redondo Peninsula with its mountain range. Trekkers hold the Cinco Pico s as the premier destination on the peninsula which provides outstanding views of not only Subic Bay but also the South China Sea. We will start offering this trek in October; Treks are available here year round subject to the weather and are done as an overnight.

Mount Pinatubo treks are very popular and have been offered by Seahorse Tours & Souvenirs since we opened over 2 years ago. The trek to the crater uses ground transportation transferring to a 4x4, and a final one hour trek to the crater. A longer 6 hour round trip trek is also available similar to the standard crater trek but using a different kick off point. During the rainy season ( June to Oct.) the trails to the crater may be closed for safety reasons. The area is subject to landslides and flash floods.

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