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Millions of people each year enjoy the thrill of scuba diving, while millions of others just wish about it. While scuba diving generally requires extensive and expensive training, it is possible to experience the thrill without the entire training program. A program called “Discover” diving allows an individual with basic swimming ability to experience it. The program is relatively simple and takes around three hours. A certified instructor will give an hour long lesson to up to two students. The lesson covers some basic fundamentals of diving and simple task that must be learned before diving followed by some pool or shallow water practice.  When the instructor and student are comfortable that the task can be performed, it is off to a shallow wreck or reef. Different dive shops have their own favorites; some of the most used locations include the El Capitan wreck, Lighthouse reef, Barges wreck and a few near shore reefs. The Instructor will give you a detail explanation of your upcoming dive. It will include what you will be doing and how long you will dive. The layout of the dive site will be described for you as well as suggestions of what to look for. When at the site, the instructor will help you put on your equipment, perform a buddy check and have you enter the water. When ready you will descend with the instructor. When at the bottom you will once again practice the skills you perform earlier then it is of to explore the undersea world. You will generally spend about 30 minutes or more exploring the dive site, side by side with your instructor. Diving at Subic Bay is a wonderful experience; the bay has a nice variety of wrecks and reef sites and a variety of marine life. Includes transportation and a dive T-shirt from Seahorse Tours Collection.

Discover dive is included in the 4 Day /3 Night Subic Adventure Getaway

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