Punta de Uian Beach Resort and Spa

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Punta De Uian     Punta De Uian is a 19 hectares exotic, lush tropical resort paradise sitting on the wonderful Zambales coast of the South China Sea. Turning off the main road you start to wonder if there truly is a resort at the end of this lane. Passing mango trees and fields you can see the South China Sea getting closer. As you enter the Punta de Uian resort the full grandeur hits you. Spread in front of you are the magnificent buildings that house the rooms of the resort. If you are in one of the deluxe rooms or a jacuzzi suite in the “old” (3 years old) section of the resort. It has Standard and Deluxe rooms, Suites and Family Villas. Moreover, Punta de Uian added more swimming pools, additional sports activities together with a full range of water activities.

Punta De UianBelow is the list of resort rooms, which features its amenities, interiors and exterior designs. The rooms are fully-furnished. Aside from the alluring rooms, Punta de Uian also has its sports facilities such as Swimming and Kiddie pools, driving range, tennis and basketball courts, motocross track, gym, and Lawn bowling- perfect for those sports afficionados.

Punta de Uian also offer water sports facilities for those who love water sports adventure. This includes kayaking, surfing, scuba diving, jetski, snorkeling, boarding, biking and a lot more. Enjoy the cool waters or indulge in an island adventure in three of the most well-known islands in Zambales; (Camara, Grand Capones and Llittle Capones)and Anawangin Cove. Capones Islands is just off shore of the resort, the popular old Spanish lighthouse is the main attraction of the Grand Capones island. Punta De Uian info Page

Punta de Uian is isolated, some other resorts that may interest you are White Rock Water Park and Beach Resort in Subic Zambales and Camayan beach Resort on the Subic Bay Freeport

Special Seahorse Tours Rates Punta de Uian Beach Resort

Room Regular Price Special Internet Rate Description
STANDARD PHP 4,160 PHP 3,410 2 persons
PINE PHP 4,160 PHP 3,410 2 persons
GARDEN VIEW PHP 4,697 PHP 3,850 2 persons
TIARA PHP 4,697 PHP 3,850 2 persons
MOUNTAIN VIEW PHP 5,099 PHP 4,180 2 persons
SINGLE DELUXE PHP 5,368 PHP 4,400 2 persons
DOUBLE DELUXE PHP 6,710 PHP 5,500 4 persons
SUITE WITH JACUZZI PHP 6,441 PHP 6,600 2 persons
LAGOON PHP 7,320 PHP 6,000 2 persons
FAMILY VILLA PHP 13,420 PHP 11,000 6 persons
DUPLEX PHP 14,640 PHP 12,000 6 persons
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