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A selection of best places to stay in the Subic Bay Olongapo area. We offer a range of hotels and resorts in Subic Bay Freeport Zone, Olongapo, Zambales, and Bataan, that covers a range of accommodation prices. From simple Olongapo hotels and beach resorts to Elegant 5 star Subic resorts. 

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What the Best Place to Stay?

Subic Hotels We are often asked what is the best place to stay! That question is too subjective to give a short answer to, what you may love someone else may hate. We can however give a review of what our guest enjoy. In the lower to mid price range Arizona International Beach Resort gets very high marks. It is a small resort The rooms are nice and the staff outstanding. The hotel has its own beach and has a swimming pool. The Mai Tai Bar and Grill is poolside and a big hit with the guest. It has recently added a floating bar. This Resort has 27 rooms and free WIFI through out the resort. This resort is better for singles and couples, as it attracts a international crowd that likes to party. We DO NOT recommend this for families.It is located in Barrio Barretto only 10 minutes from the Subic Bay Freeport. Another Resort in this price range that is highly recommended is Johan's Beach Resort. Very causal and laid back, Johan's Beach Resort is also known as an outstanding dive resort. It's restaurant has a wide menu with a good variety of European meals.

Subic Hotels By the Seas Resort is a very good choice for families. Also located in Barrio Barreto it has a swimming pool and a beach. It offers a number of different types of rooms many ideal for families. These Olongapo Resorts stand out as being great values. While not beach resorts some other highly recommended mid price range hotels include the Coffee Shop Hotel in Barrio Barretto (25 meters from the beach), RK Hotel located on the Subic Bay Freeport next to the two largest duty free shopping and Subic Park in the Moonbay Marina of the freeport. The upscale beach resorts have three recommendations, White Rock in Subic Zambales, Camayan Beach Resort on the Subic Bay Freeport and Punda de Uian in San Antonio,Zambales. Camayan Beach Resort has also been expanding, it has added new rooms and additional buildings, expanded services and has a new restaurant. Camayan Beach Resort is located on the Subic Bay Freeport, next to Ocean Adventure. White Rock recently had some major improvement including an expanded water park and has changed its name to White Rock Water Park and Beach Resort. White Rock Water Park and Beach Resort is a 7+ hectare park like property nestled along the shores of Subic Bay, sitting on a little cove is its private beach. The resort offers a wide range of spa and recreational activities as well as a range of different accommodation types. While the Subic Beach resort was always known for its private beach, swimming pools and good rooms, the improved resort expanded offerings include a Water park, additional dining offerings and expanded conference facilities. The rooms have all been upgraded and new seaside rooms and villas have been added.

Subic Hotels Punta de Uian in San Antonio,Zambales is another luxury resort that has been expanding. this Zambales Resort has Great beaches opened to the South China Sea, luxury villas and wonderful style for those who want to get away. The Lighthouse Marina is another Hotel / Resort that is a five stars resort. The lighthouse is part of Moonbay Marina on the freeport, does not have a beach but is on the waterfront. Two other properties worthy of special mention are Casablanca and Forestview. Casablanca is a new hotel with great views of Subic Bay and a wonderful swimming pools. This resort has condo style rooms with kitchens that great for families or extended stays. Forest View Leisure Residences is a premier residential/resort area, located in El Kabayo Road, Binictian Subic Bay Freeport Zone. (former Subic Green Hills Homes). A home amidst the lush forest of Subic Bay Philippines awaits you, a good place for family and friends outing, team buildings, company workshop and seminars. There are two and three bedroom homes for rent. So start planning now and visit soon. See what Subic Bay Resorts have to offer.

  • Arizona Hotel

         Subic Bay's Arizona International Hotel and Resort is a charming, comfortable and friendly place to spend your Subic Bay area visit. The resort, on its own beach in Barrio Barretto of Olongapo, has 27 rooms. Each room is comfortably equipped with queen size bed(s), Cable television with a DVD player, mini-bar and in-room safe. This resort is just 4 minutes away from the Subic Bay Freeport zone Click here for details

    By the Sea Resort Hotel

         By the Sea Resort Hotel was conceptualized and built in the 1980's as an answer to the growth of the service industry at the City during that time. Opened during the tenure of the US Bases in the Philippines, By the Sea Resort Hotel is a place where felicity is at its best. Nestled in the heart of the Beach Valley of the famous Subic Bay, By the Sea Resort Hotel is the most sought-after resort by tourists from all over the world. Click here for details

    Camayan Beach Resort

         Subic Bay's Camayan Beach Resort is one of those special places that make an impression that will last a lifetime. Located at the water's edge at the entrance of Subic Bay, it provides the perfect blend of peace, tranquility and beauty. An enjoyable and stress-free vacation awaits guests who stay in any of the eighty-two rooms or three luxurious Spacious Suites. All rooms offer a comfortable lifestyle in harmony with nature and the landscaped grounds . Enjoy a spectacular view of the tropical forest and picturesque bay. Click here for details

    Casablanca Hotel and Condominium

         Subic Bay's Hotel Casablanca is a new Hotel and Condominium located along Argonaut Highway, Subic Bay Freeport. It is just minutes from many of the areas attractions. Subic Bay's Casablanca Hotel and Condominium offers the Subic bay visitor many unique features not often found in such a reasonably priced resort. The rooms are what really sets this hotel apart from the rest. This resort offers not only hotel room type of accommodations but also apartment or condominium style arrangements. There are thirty rooms including the standard hotel style rooms and one and two bedroom apartment / condominium style. The Casablanca's one and two bedroom units have living rooms/ sitting rooms, kitchens, dining areas, and one or two bedrooms. Most of the condo units are on two levels, adding extra privacy, with balconies in each unit. The three story breeze tower is sure to catch your eye. In the lower level is the pool bar.
    Click here for details

    The Coffee Shop Hotel and Restaurant

         Coffee Shop Restaurant is well known local landmark having been established back in 1984. The Restaurant serves a variety of local and international cusines at affordable prices but is best known for its signiture dish, The Jumbo Taco. The Coffee Shop Restaurant and Rooftop hotel is nestled in the Heart of Barrio Barretto near beaches and other entertainment establishments. Click here for details

    Forest View Leisure Residences

         Forest View Leisure Residences is a premier residential/resort area, located in El Kabayo Road, Binictican Subic Bay Freeport Zone. (former Subic Green Hills Homes). A home amidst the lush forest of Subic Bay awaits you, a good place for family and friends outting, team buildings, company workshop and seminars. The Forest Leisure Resident is perfect for those who want privacy and do not want to be spread out into different hotel rooms. Click here for details

    Johan's Beach Resort and Dive Center

         Johan's Beach Resort offers 21 fully featured, quality rooms, newly built on the beach at Subic Bay. Wake to a fresh Subic Bay morning, enjoy a hot shower, then step out the door and feel the sand under your feet as you gaze at the sun on the waves in the bay. It doesn't get any better. Rooms are available to suit all needs and budgets, ranging from dormitory style through to an air conditioned family room on the beach. Click here for details
  • Lighthouse Marina Resort

         The Lighthouse is a quaint boutique resort hotel that is elegant and classy. Unlike most other 5 star hotels that strive to impress guest with their museum or palace like grandeur and massive multi-floor designs, Lighthouse impresses with her unique design, personal touches and outstanding service. It is strategically situated along the marvelous scenic waterfront of Subic Bay within the Subic Bay Freeport Zone. Click here for details

    Moonbay Marina Villas

         The Villas are conceptualized and developed to suit the needs of its clientele by the Subic Coastal Development Corporation (SCDC). It is also known for developing finest hotels & restaurant in the Moonbay Marina area SCDC at this point of time wishes to announce the operation of its newly constructed villas known as the Moonbay Marina Villas located beside the Vista Marina Hotel & Resort and the Lighthouse Marina Resort along waterfront Road, Moonbay Marina, Subic Bay Freeport Zone to fullfill your expectation and need for an affordable and convenient accommodation. Click here for details

    Mountain Woods Resort

         Very intimate... very restful... Mountain Woods Resort Hotel is a sanctuary for the soul. Serenely nestled on a hill, the hotel commands a breathtaking, unobstructed view of the well preserved forest of Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority. Unruffled and cozy, Mountain Woods promises solace from the hustle and bustle of city living. Its uncluttered country-style architecture provides a most conductive ambiance for relaxation. Click here for details

    Playa Papagayo

         Discover a serene and peaceful vacation here in Playa Papagayo. The site is tranquil, the ambience romantic at Playa Papagayo. Come and see in this home away from home down the barrio, where you can relax and enjoy the majestic Subic Bay view anytime of the day. From the first break of sunlight, to the first brush of the night wind... there are infinite ways to enjoy the vigor of this piece of paradise. Click here for details
  • Punta de Uian Beach Resort

         Punta De Uian is a 19 hectares exotic , lush tropical resort paradise sitting on the wonderful Zambales coast of the South China Sea. Turning off the main road you start to wonder if there truly is a resort at the end of this lane. Passing mango trees and fields you can see the South China Sea getting closer. As you enter the resort the full grandeur of the resorts hits you. Spread in front of you are the magnificent buildings that house the rooms of the resort. Click here for details
  • Subic Park Hotel

          A pleasant discovery, a luxury you can afford. That is the slogan that they have decided on to define who they are. The Subic Park Hotel sits near the end of the ongoing development known as Moonbay Marina within the SBMA. In addition to it's own restaurant, other places to eat are a short walk away. Evening entertainment is just feet away, which can be a blessing or a curse, depending on your viewpoint. Water sports are also available just a short walk away. Overall it is a very good choice. Click here for details

    Vista Marina Hotel and Resort

         A Mediterranean inspired hotel situated along the beach right at the heart of Subic Bay Freeport Zone's business district. It has a spacious and elegant lobby and a reception area where you can transact business with the hotel's friendly staff. The hotel's unique set-up provides guests with breathtaking panoramic view of Subic Bay. Click here for details

    White Rock Water Park and Beach Resort

         A seven-hectare property nestled along Subic Bay amidst calm waters. A wide beach area and a panoramic view of the Subic Sunset and scenic Subic mountain ranges, White Rock Waterpark and Beach Hotel is a desired destination north of Manila. It boasts of a unique ambience, 170 beachside and beachfront rooms, complete resort, waterpark and watersports facilities that makes it an ideal vacation haven for families and corporate meetings and team-building activities. Click here for details
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