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Subic Bay as Your Retirement Destination

Individual Retirement Tour

Retire in Paradise Tour     Retire in Paradise Orientation Tour is a comprehensive private tour package created by Seahorse Tours and Souvenirs geared toward recent retirees and pre-retirement individuals who are considering a retire-ment outside of the United States. Its focus is to introduce the Subic Bay area as the premier destination for leisure and retirement activities, give an insight into the local lifestyles, present health and wellness facilities.

Sample tour: Airport/hotel transfers are included as is transportation for listed activities. Hotel being used is Arizona International Hotel in Deluxe room including daily breakfast. Most other meals are included as indicated on schedule. A cell phone will be provided for the duration of the tours starting at arrival. The cell phone will have some numbers programmed into the phone. Cell Phone numbers will be provided prior to departure from the US. No activities are mandatory however it is highly encouraged to attend. Those marked optional are for those more interested in those activities.

The Philippines is one country that is becoming increasingly popular as an retirement destination . Having been a Spanish colony for centuries there is a Spanish flavor to the country, and having been an American territory for decades it also has a large American influence. English is widely spoken and is in fact one of the country's official languages. The people are genuinely friendly. The cities and urban areas are well developed. The country is seeing an increase in international tourism. Many of the items that attract tourist to an area is equally attractive to retirees. Medical tourism is also on the rise, which illustrates that world class medical care is available at a fraction of the cost of elsewhere. The weather is tropical which means two seasons hot and wet. Its location also makes it a great hub for traveling.

Retire in Paradise Tour The Philippines is a relatively poor country with a minimum wage in the major cities of less that eight dollars a day with lower amounts in outlying areas. Many of its brightest citizens seek work outside of the country. Often referred to as OFW (Overseas Foreign Workers) it is estimated that 10% of the population fall in this category. some work for a few years earning enough to return to the Philippines to open their own business, while others move “permanently' Often they become citizens of their host country. However many do return to the Philippines to retire. Not only do these “OFW” provide a source of support for their families and foreign currency for the country, they are also exposed to lifestyles of different countries. Bringing their adaptation home to family members creates an overall acceptance in the country to other cultures.

Many peoples first reaction to the mention of the Philippines is often negative. Newspaper stories and reports of terrorism and bombings along with political unrest may come to mind. Unfortunately such events do happen, however they are primarily in the Southern area of the country well away from areas that tourist and retiree would find attractive. This area has been an area of unrest for over 500 years. On the question of political unrest, well there is some but you need to remember that the Philippines has the most press freedoms in Asia and at times stories get blown out of portion in an effort to create more sales or to push a political point. The most popular places for foreigner to retire to are different parts of Luzon the largest of the 7101 islands that make of the Philippines and also the province of Cebu is popular. Different tourist destinations in other parts of the country are also popular.

This website will focus on the Subic Bay area located on the Luzon island. Subic Bay is just a two hour drive from Manila and is on the west coast of the country facing the South China Sea. We will Also extend beyond Subic Bay and include some of the areas north along the Zambales province and its coast line. We will include some of the area south to Morong Bataan. Subic bay is well know as a great summer destination for the local tourist, its calm waters, cool breezes and wide range of water activities are accented by the lush jungles of the area. The City of Olongapo provides the anchor of support for the area, and the area also includes the Subic Bay Freeport Zone and parts of the provinces of Zambales and Bataan. There is a wide range of resorts and hotels to choose from in all budget ranges. Now international tourist are becoming more aware of the Subic Bay tourism area. A New expressway brings Subic Bay to within 35 minutes of the DMIA International Airport at Clark (Angeles city)

Where is the best place for you to retire to is a personal choice that only you with the help of those close to you can make. This book sets out to show why many people has chosen this area over any other world wide to retire to. Whether your budget is tight or very flexible the Subic Bay has something worthy of your consideration.

Individual Retirement Tour


  • (Time Determined by Flight Arrival) Arrive Manila
  • Clear Immigrations and Customs
  • Meet tour guide Depart Manila for Subic Bay
  • Refreshment stop on the way Arrive Olongapo/Subic bay
  • Check in to hotel free time (Lunch own expense)

Day 1:
5:00 pm
Welcome drinks (included) at hotel, Meet Orientation staff
6:00 pm
Welcome Dinner (included)
8:00 pm
Nightlife tours (own expense)
Gentleman clubs
Couple Orientated

Day 2:
6:00 am to 9:30 am
Open Breakfast (included)
9:30 am
Tourism Overview
10:00 am
Day Tour (admissions and lunch included)
5:00 pm
Return to hotel free time

Day 3:
6:00 am to 10:00 am
Open Breakfast (included)
10:00 am
Expat Living discussion
12:00 noon
Introduction to Filipino food Lunch (included)
2:00 pm
PRA Visa Services explained
4:00 pm
Health and Wellness, Insurance
6:00 pm
Free time

Day 4:
6:00 am to 10:00 am
Open Breakfast (included)
10:00 am to 2:00 pm
Housing overview and visits (optional)
3:00 pm to 8:00 pm
Clark and Angeles city tour
8:00 pm
Angles city nightlife (own expense)

Day 5:
Open Breakfast (included)
1 Free time optional tours (Car, driver and tour guide available)

Day 6:
Open breakfast free day

Day 7:
Transfer to Airport


USD 1,100
Single Occupancy
USD 200
Additional person/room (2 person/room)

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