Subic Bay Top 10 Things To Do

Top 10 things to do at Subic Bay Subic Bay is an outstanding destination for both International and Domestic tourist. Located just two hours drive from the Philippine Capital city of Manila and only forty five minutes from the the International Airport (DMIA) at Angeles City / Clark is area is popular for short visits. While a popular tourist destination it has unfortunately suffered from some unfair stereotypes many decades outdated. It also is looked at as primarily a beach location which is a very limited viewpoint. The Subic Bay Freeport which once was a US Navy base has a wide range of activities for families, couple, friends and singles.

It is often asked "What to do in Subic Bay" ? There are so many things to do at Subic Bay it is hard to make a list. Here is just ten things you can do that can answer the What to do question. A preview of what awaits you at Subic Bay this summer and in fact all year around.

Zoo + Subic = Zoobic Swim with a Dolphin Be A Survivor Get Up in the World and then Drop Down Horse around a Bit
Pamper Yourself Life is a Beach Grove to the Beat Pretend your Rich Get Wrecked

Zoo + Subic = Zoobic

zoobic safarri

Come face to face with a Man Eating Tiger !

okay they eat mostly chicken but I would not get to close in case they wanted a snack of "Ladies" fingers. Zoobic Safari is one of the major attractions at the Subic Bay Freeport. The twenty five-hectare park takes advantage of the jungle and natural terrain as well as the abandoned ammunition storage bunkers to create a unique day adventure.

Zoobic Safari Adventure Park offers visitors of all ages, an experience with different animals,a range from insects and rodents to the top of the food chain with lions and tigers. It is the tigers that Zoobic is best know for. At the Tiger Safari you get close up to their tigers, how close? Close enough to smell the chicken they just ate on their breath. In the safari adventure you are the one locked up in a cage, one on four wheels. After entering the special purpose safari vehicle there is a short drive to the tiger habitat, where the vehicle enters a set of double gates to get close to the tigers. As you slowly drive around the tigers come to investigate. Enticed by a snack of chicken they come right to you. The guide feeds chicken to the tiger through a small slot in the mesh covering. The tigers are also like to pounce on the roof, which allows the visitors a another close up as the roof has clear panels.

Zoobic Safari also has the following attractions :

Guest should allocate at least a half day for the visit. Visit the Zoobic web page Seahorse tours Day with the Mammals includes Zoobic Safari

Swim with a Dolphin

ocean adventure

The Ocean Adventure theme park is a marine animal center that offers visitors a range of activities. The main attractions is the Dolphin Friends Show. Enjoy the dolphin friends in their lovely lagoon by the rain forest. Be thrilled by their grace, agility, power, and intelligence while learning about these fascinating animals, This presentation is packed with action, smiles, interesting information, and an important conservation message.

One of the added attractions that they have is a swim encounter with their trained dolphins. Come swim with the dolphins! This 45 minute experience begins with a short presentation on marine mammals. You'll be given a life vest and then hitch a ride with one of the dolphins to a floating platform in the big natural lagoon. In the deep water you'll be joined by our animals for rides, hugs, and photos. Then it's back to the beach for more touching and feeding and capturing great pictures.

For those not comfortable in deep water they can experience the dolphins in the shallow water of the lagoons beach. Your 30-minute adventure begins with a short presentation on marine mammals, then meet these friendly animals eye-to-eye, hand-to-fin, and foot-to-fluke. Touch, feed, and hug your newfound friends. You'll even participate in a demonstration of their sonar ability. Lots of great photo opportunities to keep the memories alive.


Dolphins are not the only attraction at Ocean Adventure , make sure you see the Sea Lion Marine Patrol Show. A recent expansion at the park has added the NEW Sea Lion Theater which has a lovely pool for the sea lion acrobatics and a completely unique infinity pool backdrop allowing full vistas of the bay while watching the show. The Sea Lion Marine Patrol is back, this time in a new show with lots of action, sea lion swimming and diving, and a strong environmental message. Between shows the sea lions has a new deep pool for relaxing, The pool has a viewing area where guest can enjoy the sea lions at play.

Walk on the Wild Side Show . Move from sea to land and take a Walk on the Wild Side. Our show begins with a demonstration by the local indigenous Aetas and their amazing ability to light a fire without matches, and to create a variety of utensils from bamboo. Walk on the Wild Side then transports guests into the forest at night, where we meet a variety of birds, bats, mammals, and reptiles. The Eco-Theater is the site for this entertaining show featuring animals from the Wildife in Need Rescue Center. As always, Walk on the Wild Side features our signature brand of environmental education.

The Adventures of Olongapo Jones is the newest show in Ocean Adventure 's line up of top rated entertainment. This high energy show follows Olongapo Jones and his Eco-Rangers, Pawee and Leila, as they track down the Bouncing Basura Boys, a gang of eco-bandits who leave a trail of cut down trees and discarded trash in their wake. Featuring the Ocean Adventure mascots and high flying trampoline acrobats, the Adventures of Olongapo Jones is non-stop action, humor, and excitement that guests of all ages are sure to enjoy. Learning while having fun is the best way to deliver environmental education, and that makes this show a perfect addition to our popular school programs.

Ocean Discovery Aquarium .Bright colors! Strange shapes! Mysterious creatures! Welcome to the World of Discovery Aquarium. Immerse yourself in the fascinating waters of Subic Bay and the South China Sea - without getting wet! Inside our air conditioned aquarium explore habitats and the amazing animals that live in them - fresh water streams, mangrove forests, coral reefs and deep dark caves. Discover actions you can take to protect these fragile marine environments. Learning Center: What's the difference between a fish and a mammal? What is Baleen? What do you call a group of dolphins? Discover the answers to these fun facts and many more in the learning center. Find out how you can get involved in conservation action. Colorful graphics, fun activities, and interesting talks by our friendly Park Guides - there's always something going on in the Learning Center!

Arrange your Ocean Adventure Swim with the Dolphins visit with Seahorse tours

Be a Survivor

survival Could you live off the land? If you were to survive a plane that crashed in the jungle, would you be able to stay alive?

Try your hand at survival in the real jungle. The majority of the land of the Subic Bay Freeport is jungle. In fact it is a triple canopy jungle. Step into the jungle and in minutes you are transported back hundreds of years where survival was a way of life and not just a television show. We would not recommend that you try something like this on your own, however Aetas guides are available to help you.

The Aeatas are a local people who have been living in the jungles of the Philippines for centuries. The modern day Aeata maintains many of the cultural traits and lifestyles of their ancestor. Some Aetas have been quoted as saying that when the Americans ran the Navy base they were given money for nothing. When the US military had bases in the Philippines, these were the people that were paid to acted as forest rangers and also instructed survival skills to military members. These were task that are a part of the Aetas soul, something they do naturally, so its like getting money for nothing for them. However for those of us not fortunate enough to grow up living off the land in a Pamulaklakin Trail Jungle adventure Subic Bayjungle these are very valuable skills in some cases.

A number of different tourist activities around Subic Bay will give you a brief look at the heritage of the Aetas, however to really experience it and learn from it an more in depth immersion is necessary. Prepare yourself to survive. Spend a night or Two in the jungle. No hotel, no cable television, no place to recharge your cell phone, no room service in fact no room just the grand outdoors. A hiking and camping experience where you can not only learn from the Aetas, but experience survival skills for yourself.

Your adventure will start at the Pamulaklakin forest trail. Prior to your departure into the jungle there will be some short demonstrations of some survival skills, some cultural dances and a lunch prepared in bamboo. After lunch Your guide will take you hiking into the jungle a short distance and help you set up camp. Most of the day will be spent with your guide leading you along trails in the jungle pointing out different plants and gathering some items for dinner. Do not worry you do not have to depend on the jungle, traditional food will be available for the beginners. After dinner when the sun goes down the guide will help point out how the jungles change at night. You might even be in a position to sight some of the thousands of bats that live in the jungle and are renown for their dusk takeoffs from their day time roost. The morning is for breakfast some more lessons and your hike back out of the jungle.

An overnight trip is not for you? Take a hike along the Pamulaklakin forest trail with a real jungle survivor and learn some of his tricks of life. Here tourist can take a hike with options between 30 minutes and three hours into the jungle of the Subic Bay watershed. While on your hike your guide will point out plants that can be used to help you survive , how to find drinkable water and make a shelter in a tree. There is also some survival skills demonstrations such as making fire using bamboo sticks and drinking water from a bamboo stalk.

Get up in the world and then drop down

mini survival

Why get your thrills from amusement park rides that are just artificial stimulations. At Tree Top Adventure get your blood pumping and adrenalin flowing with the help of mother nature and gravity. Tree Top adventure is located on the Subic Bay Freeport in the Cubi point area on the mountain above the airport. It sits at the edge of the jungle amidst the trees and it is in the trees you find most of the activities. The signature activity also the mildest is the Treetop Adventure also called the Canopy Ride.

It a combination walking and riding trail with a few twist. The riding portion is on a chair lift type device and the walking portion is on suspension bridges four of them. Why is it called canopy ride? In forests and jungles, canopy refers to the upper layer or habitat zone, formed by mature tree crowns and including other biological organisms In simple terms you are viewing unspoiled nature 100 feet above the ground in the tree tops! The trail crosses 4 suspension bridges and has 5 motorized cable rides of up to 220 meters long.

The Ultimate Adventure – aka the Superman Ride is the most popular and many say the most challenging. It is a zip line that covers 2 platforms of up to 140 meters long and 100 feet high. The difference here is that you are zipping by the trees faced down, flying like superman

The Tree Drop Adventure is a Rappelling adventure. Here is a chance to try rappelling, a 60 foot drop down the side of a tree. They offer a variety of styles –the conventional, the lizard, the daring Australian style (face first), however many people just jump and let the safety man bring them down. ( we highly advise against that. ). Rappelling will give you a great sense of accomplishment if you can do it without the help of the safety man.

silver surfer at Tree top adventure Subic BaySilver Surfer is an awesome experience. Have you ever stood on a swing facing another person and the two of you work together to get the swing to new heights? Then you know a little about the silver surfer. You will strand on one side of the surfer and your partner will be on the other. Between you the device is attached to a cable. A rocking motion creates a swing effect just like the play ground swing. You do not find that exciting? Here is a little additional information. The cable that the silver surfer is attached to is 10 feet from the ground at one end and 80 feet at the other, and the silver surfer will rapidly move along the cable. Experience the ultimate fun of surfing in the air.

Interactive Free Fall Adventure Feel the most exhilarating rush of adrenaline while hanging upside down. Free fall adventure drives you to a fabulous experience of winning as it towers you up and losing as it drops you down for a maximum head rush.

Seahorse tour's Mini Survival tour inculdes Tree top adventure

Horse around a Bit


The El Kabayo Equestrian Center in the Binictican area of subic Bay freeport offers a wide range of horse related activities.The center uses horses imported from the U.S., Argentina, and Australia. The breeds include thoroughbreds, saddlebreds, quarter horses and even a few standardbreds. The horses are a great contrast to the native breeds normally found in the Philippines.


Even if riding is not on your agenda, a visit here is well worth the trip even if it is only to admire the magnificent horses.

The center offers the traditional trail rides, the most popular being a one-hour ride into the jungle to Kabayo falls and back.

No experience is required for these rides, for those who do not have experience a guide will walk along side. horseback riding at Subic Bay

Pamper Yourself

Subic Bay is well know for its sports and wellness activities. Take an afternoon and pamper yourself at one of the many spas in the Subic Bay area. For the ultimate spa experience spend a day at the five star Ritz Spa.

Life is a Beach

White Sand Beach on Zambales coast


Subic Bay and Zambales are both well known for their beaches. The beaches along the shore of the bay are ideal for those who like calmer waters, while the beaches along the Zambales coast are great for waves.The beaches on the Subic Bay Freeport (sometimes incorrectly called SBMA ) are located out past the airport. These include the "All Hands" and "Dungaree" beaches.

The City of Olongapo attracts most of the beach goers. Two parts of the town, Kalaklan and Barretto, border on Subic Bay. Both have a number of beaches and resorts. The city operates two beaches, Halfmoon in Kalaklan and Driftwood in Barretto. Jet skies and para-sailing is available


The Beaches of Zambales are some of the best unspoiled beaches in the Philippines. The beach shown above is just 30 minutes from subic Bay. Zambales beach and Subic Beach information

Special Notice

Seahorse Tours has discontinue our tours and hotel reservations services. We will continue our consultant service and will still be making tourism information available.we will be using an automated reservation system for hotels. to book Hotels in Olongapo City or the Subic Bay Freeport use this link Our Former Staff have continued to provide tour services. They can be reached at 0947 458 4434 They will provide service for all tours listed on the web site and also group activities.

Grove to the Beat


The Home of OPM

OPM Orginal Philippine Music is the heart and soul of the local music industry. Many of the Philippines best music writers got there start in Olongapo.

Filipino's love music and many are very talented. Every year thousands of Filipinos travel to other Asian countries as musicians and singers. International Cruise ships also are venues that you can see Filipino bands.

In the navy days musicians looked upon Olongapo as almost a Mecca. The many clubs offered opportunities that were unmatched in any other part of the Philippines. If a band was lucky enough to get a gig at a club on the base and the sailors like them, they might get a contract to tour military clubs around Asia.

Olongapo has long been known for it's live music and that tradition continues. Today a large number of Clubs in Olongapo offer live music. Live music is not just in the clubs some dinning facilities such as Sam's Pizza are also known for its live entertainment. The most visited by tourist are those on the Subic Bay Freeport, and those along Magsaysay ave. of Olongapo.

There are a number of clubs with music on the weekends along National highway in Barrio Barretto however these are mostly "Gentleman clubs"and children are not allowed.

Pretend your Rich even if only for a few hours

yachts at subic bay Subic Bay is well known for sailing and yachting, Its natural harbor is ideal for a short cruise. Whether it is for a special event for two or a group get together, chartering a Yacht for a few hours is a wonderful way to explore Subic Bay and it may be cheaper than you think.

We can arrange your yacht charter for a range of different size and styles of yachts and boats berthed here at Subic Bay. We have access to both power and sailboats from simple to ultra-luxurious. We can even arrange to cater a seven course gourmet dinner from one of the finest restaurants in the Philippines.

Most of our charters are however looking for something a little less luxurious and opt for a sunset cruise with drinks and snacks. Most of our yachts are designed to party with up to10 to 15 but some are larger including one that will host a party of over 50. So step up in the world and step into a Subic Bay Cruise on a yacht.

Get Wrecked

diving at subic bay

The tourism office for the area calls Subic Bay the "Pearl of the Orient" and much like a pearl, it value is hidden unless you know where to look. The area offers a wide variety of wrecks to dive as well as reefs. Certified divers will find over a dozen of different wrecks to chose from. The most famous is the USS New York, the first armour cruiser that the United States Navy built. she saw action in the Spanish American War, The Philippine- American war and World War I. Prior to WWII she was retired from active service and used as a machine shop and other services at Olongapo. Even retired her 8 inch guns would be a serious weaon to fall into enemy hands, so she was sunk in December 1941.


Not certified? No Problem, you can take a program called discover scuba that will allow you to experience scuba diving under the direct supervision of an instructor. While discover diving is available around the world, Subic Bay is one of a few places that you can do your discover dive on a shipwreck. Click here for details