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Subic Bay Beach Information- Subic Beaches

Olongapo City

Subic bay is well know as a great summer destination for the local tourist, its calm waters, cool breezes and wide range of water activities are accented by the lush jungles of the area. The City of Olongapo provides the anchor of support for the area, and includes the Subic Bay Freeport Zone and parts of the provinces of Zambales and Bataan.  The City of Olongapo is the largest city of the Province of Zambales and is adjacent to the Subic Bay Freeport, portions of the city border on the Bay. Barrio Barretto is a part of Olongapo City and is the location of the majority of the city's beach front and hotels. The city has two beaches that it operates.

Driftwood Beach and Sierra Beach

Driftwood beach in Barrio Barretto  has been the main public beach in the area for years.  Located iacross from the PNP camp refered to as 164, the beach is popular with the locals. also on National highway, it does have a small parking lot off road. it does have a few cottages to rent but they are behind the seawall.
Olongapo city driftwood beach
sailboat on driftwood beach

Sierra beach is at the entrance to Barrio Barretto about 400 meters before driftwood beach. it is a little more low key mostly hidden from view. The beach area is larger 

sieraa Beach olongapo city on subic Bay

Half Moon Beach

half moon beach olongapo city subic bay half moon beach

New this season is the Half Moon Beach. After years of being closed due to a legal dispute, the city has taken control of the beach and has opened it to the public. Located along the National Highway next to Ocean View Resort. it is a simple beach area  but has a good span of beach. The filipino's love the beach but do not like the sun. Half Moon beach offers a number of cottages along the length of the beach that may be rented for the day. Rental rates are based or size can run from 300 pesos to 500 peso. There is no entry fee at this time. many people enjoy to bring their own food to the beach and there are even grills for rent. Entrance to the beach is by way of a bamboo bridge that runs over a small stream. it is easy to reach by the Blue jeepeny from the victory liner station. Victory Liner buses to Iba also pass this location. Parking is limited to alongside of the road.

Other Olongapo beaches

barrio barretto olongapo beachthere are a number of small private beaches along the waterfront, Ocean View is the largest with an 120 peso entrance fee, you will also see Skippers Beach and Christian Beach. Arizona International Hotel and Resort allows entrance to its beach and pool for 250 pesos consumable food and drinks




Subic Beaches

white rock beach and water park


The town of Subic, north of Olongapo along the National highway has a number of small beaches  The best know subic resort in the area is White Rock. White rock has not only a very nice beach it has a full water park.

Subic Bay Freeport

  Located away from the busy parts of the Subic Bay Freeport  are the two beachs managed by the freeport.


This was the general public beach when the freeport was a Navy base. Now it is popular for families and groups. A 150 peso entrance fee is charged


dungaree beach Subic Bay Philippines
Dungaree beach
Dungaree Beach was also known as “ Dog Beach ” during the American time.. This beach can be reserved for exclusive events for up to 1,000 people. A 150 peso entry fee is charged.

  Camayan Beach



Camayan Beach Resort and Grande Island Resorts are the only other beaches currently open on the freeport. Camayan Beach has an entrance fee of 250 pesos and limits the number of guest to prevent overcrowding. cottages (huts) are availalbe to rent. Grande Island allows entrace to the resort as part of a day tripper rate. entry time is controlled by the ferry's schedule. Jungle Joe's world is developing one. see our hotel and resort information for more information on Subic Bay resorts

Zambales Beaches

zambales beachThe Province of Zambales is fairly narrow and the west side is all coast line. There are a number of great beaches such as the ones around Punta de Uian

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