A Twilight Cruise of Subic Bay

Experience Twilight in the Cruise     Pretend you’re rich even if only for a few hours- Subic Bay is well known for sailing and yachting, its natural harbor is ideal for a short cruise. Whether it is for a special event for two or a group gets together, chartering a Yacht for a few hours is a wonderful way to explore Subic Bay and it may be cheaper than you think. We can arrange your yacht charter for a range of different size and styles of yachts and boats berthed here at Subic Bay. We have access to both power and sailboats from simple to ultra-luxurious. Spend a half day at sea and discover the joy of sailing. Experience a soft breeze, beautiful views and a spectacular sunset over the vicinity of Subic Bay as the Yacht slowly cruises the bay waters.

The ultimate holiday experience to escape the anxiety of everyday life will be your exceptional opportunity. At Seahorse Tours we build relationships with our passengers by offering the best values available and by providing continual personal service.


     » PHP 20,000/group (Maximum of 20 persons)


     » 3 hours


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  • » 3 hours cruise
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