Day with the Mammals

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Day with the Mammals     Who said education has to be boring. Add a little education about mammals and conservation to your vacation. This tour combines two of the most popular attractions located in the jungle around Subic Bay Freeport. The Zoobic Safari brings exotic wildlife to the Philippines.

The major draw is the tigers and the tiger safari. Here you enter safari jeeps to travel into a Tiger habitat. The jeeps are enclosed with a wire mesh to keep the sharp teeth and claws of the tigers out of the guest. And they do get close. Snakes, lizards and other similar animals are also available for viewing and there is a petting zoo with many different types of animals. A recent addition is the crocodiles, 200 plus of them. If you like, you can feed them. You can get a fishing rod with parts of chicken attached. Just lower it and try to be faster than the crocs.

Day with the MammalsNext stop will be Ocean Adventure. The Ocean Adventure Park is a very good introduction to marine conservation using large marine animals. The leading stars of the shows are the False Killer whales and the dolphins. Performing a number of times a day, they entertain the crowds with feats of acrobats and their swimming ability. . The park also has small aquarium that shows some of the marine life in the Philippines and a small WIN (Wildlife in Need) area that cares for injured animals from the surrounding areas..Our tour includes:


Pax Rate per Head  
2 PHP 2,900  
5 PHP 2,500  
10 PHP 2,200  


  •  8 hours


  •  Admission to Ocean Adventure
  •  Zoobic Safari and Chicken for tiger and Crocodile
  •  Duty free shopping
  •  Transportation
  •  Tour Guide

Zoobic Safari Attractions

  •  Zoobic Park
  •  Serpentarium
  •  Tiger Safari
  •  Close Encounter
  •  Savannah
  •  Bone Museum
  •  Aetas Trail
  •  Hip-Hop Bay-awak
  •  Croco Loco

Ocean Adventure Attractions

  •  Sea Lion show
  •  Whale and Dolphin show
  •  Walk on the Wild side show
  •  Aquarium
  •  Learning Center
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