Mini-Survival in Subic Bay Jungle

Mini-Survival in Subic Bay Jungle     

Do the "survivor" TV programs have you hyped up to explore the Jungle? But you do not want to leave civilized things like Hot Shower and Bed behind. Then the Mini Survival Training program may be for you. You will hike for 45 minutes with an Aetas guide into the Jungle of Subic along the Pamulakakin Trail.

Aetas are a nomadic mountain tribe who rarely live and hunt in the same area for long. There way of living is to use the resources that are available in the environment. They have powerful observation skills and knowledge of plants to assure them an infinite supply of food, water and medicine wherever they go. They were the one's who helped the American Marines to survive jungle hardships during the Vietnam War.

The trail will take you back to nature, while your Aetas guide will point out items of interest as well as beneficial plants. if you are thirst then grab a vine and have a drink of water. Your guide will show you how. When you return to your starting point you will be entertained with some traditional Aetas dances that have been used for centuries in their ceremonies. You will also see demonstration about making fires without matches and cooking in Bamboo.

Tree Top Adventure will add another skill to your survival knowledge .Mini-Survival in Subic Bay Jungle Here you will challenge your self by rappelling down the side of a 60 foot tree or as they called it "Tree Drop Adventure". You can choose either feet first or the most daring Australian style (head first). In the movies there is always a scene about crossing a deep canyon using a zip line. Tree Top adventure has its own version, referred to as the “superman” ride. This is a modified zip line, however you are using an bar and harness arrangement to support you so that while you are zipping at treetop level 60 feet above the ground you are doing so face down. Lunch will be served at Tree Top Adventure. For groups of 10 or more a special lunch called "Luto sa Kawayan" will be served. It is a Filipino dish traditionally cooked in Bamboo consisting of chicken and rice. This is the roughing it so forks are optional.

Now accepting Individual Reservations for Jungle Survival Campings



       P1,400 per person (Min of 4 persons)


       5 hours


  •  Jungle Hike
  •  Survival Demonstration
  •   lunch
  •  Tree Drop Adventure
  •  Tour guide
  •  Local Transportation

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