Mount Pinatubo Hot Spring and Spa Adventure

Mount Pinatubo Hot Spring and Spa Adventure     Experience a great unique spa adventure around Mount Pinatubo. Sitting in an area just about totally destroyed in the explosion of the Mount Pinatubo volcano in 1991. The PDC (Pinatubo Development Corporation) Spa Town has been developed in the village of Sta. Juliana, Capas Tarlac. The spa takes advantage of the natural surrounds, and is also used as the jump off point for trips to the crater and lahar areas. The rolling hills and the mountain ranges provide the backdrop for this wonderfully relaxing place. We leave the Subic area in the morning and take about a two hour drive to the spa.

When we arrive at the PDC, we will board 4x4 vehicles, departing Sta.Juliana and travel to the small Aetas (a local indigenous tribe) village of Tatukan. This approximately one hour ride will take you into areas unreachable by most vehicles. You will be able to experience travel in the lahar areas of the volcano, travel up now dry riverbeds, and marvel at the scenery. Upon your arrival at Tatukan you will have an opportunity to enjoy the mud bath and hot springs there. Be sure to check out the Magma cave.

After pleasure time at the Hot Spring, you return to the spa and the pampering continues. Shower off the dust of the trail and enjoy, have volcanic ash spa for 30 minutes and the final pampering is the Spa's signature massage. The “Pina-thai-tsu” is a unique combination of a traditional Thai massage with that of a Shiatsu massage and a few local massage techniques added in.


Pax Rate per Head  
2 PHP 6,000  
3 PHP 5,000  
10 PHP 4,500  


     » 12 hours


  • » Round trip transportation from Subic Area
  • » 4x4 Vehicle transportation to Hot Springs
  • » Tour guide and local trail guide
  • » Conservation fees
  • » Free time at the Hot Spring
  • » Volcanic Mud bath
  • » Volcanic Ash Spa
  • » Pina-thai-tsu massage
  • » Lunch
  • » Shower facility

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