Island Hopping - Capones, Camara and Anawangin Cove Adventure

Perk Up and Relax    

Be Captivated by the Stunning White Sand Beaches,natural beauty and an Spanish era lighthouse. Island hopping has never been this good.

For those who love the beach and the rugged outdoors we have put together a outing sure to interest you. The province of Zambales is just a short distance from Subic Bay but brings the visitor to a relax lay back adventure. Known for its unspoiled beaches and coast line it is a beachcombers paradise. What we have selected for you is a visit to the Capones Island Group with a trip to Anawangin Cove

Camara Island one of the three islands in the Capones Island group is the closest island from the shores of Pundaquit, in San Antonio, Zambales and just a 20-30 minutes boat ride away. The island has two sides connected by a white sandbar that disappears during the high tide. The islands rugged beauty is highlighted by its white sand shoreline, huge rocks and untamed wilderness.

Capone lighthouseThe main attraction of the group is Grand Capones island, a short boat ride from the Camara Island. A must do for the island is a visit to the Parola Grand Capones, a Spanish era Lighthouse. Sitting on a hilltop facing the South China Sea the lighthouse has been protecting marinas since 1890. Our boat will drop you on a coral beach not far from the base of the hill leading to the lighthouse. A fairly easy hike will bring you to the base of the lighthouse and to the ruins of the keepers house. The combination of the ruins, the lighthouse tower, and the views of the seas makes this a perfect place for a few ( or hundreds) of photographs. The operation of the lighthouse has been updated to solar power but the structure is primarily original. Those with energy can take the spiral stairs inside the tower to the top and a short ladder climb to the roof. Even if you not climb all the way up the view from the top of the hill is breath taking. As we leave the lighthouse area on the way to the cove some groups like a short stop on one of the secluded and often empty beaches for a short swim.

The last stop of our island hopping tours is not really and island but Anawangin Cove on the Redondo peninsula. However as it so isolated most people think of it as if it was an island. There are two ways to get there either by foot from either Pundaquit ( five hours) or from Subic (6 hours) or by boat from Pundaquit. Known as a very popular destination for campers and beach goers , its remoteness still allows it to retain its uncrowded beaches. No trip to Pundaquit is ever complete without feeling Anawangin’s mixture of volcanic ash and white sand beneath your feet. While you sit on the beach enjoying a packed lunch the massive Cinco Picos ( Five Peaks)of the Redondo mountains are behind you.

As the saying goes, life's a beach and so much more. This island hopping adventure will surely make you have the time of your life, a pleasant discovery for you and your family.

Out tour has an early morning departure of around 6am from your Subic Bay area hotel. And departing from Pundaquit shortly after 7:00. Our departure from Anawangn is normally at 3pm. The sea along the coast can get choppy in the late afternoon/ early evening even if the seas have been calm all day. Departure times and schedules/ cancellations are subject to weather conditions.

Overnight trips are available. Price on request

Group activity.

This island hopping trip can be a great group activity with team building activities built in, Upgraded lunch and snacks are available for groups


Pax Rate per Head  
4 PHP 2,200  
5 PHP 1,900  
6 PHP 1,700  


      10-12 hours


  • Island hopping to Camara, Capones, and Anawangin
  • Packed lunch
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  • Tour guide and transportation ( Land from/to Subic Bay and Water)
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