Step Out of the Rut

Step Out of the Rut     Does life seem repetitive and boring? Want to get out of a Rut? Here is a fun package to give you a little lift and it’s great for a group of friend or co-workers.

Pretend your Superman and “fly” among the trees of the Subic Jungles. The Ultimate Adventure is one of the tree top adventure can offer. Suspend by a harness zip between the treetops feet above the ground face down. You will also get an area tour of the jungle with a gentle ride in a motorized cable car. Silver Surfer is another attraction that will allow you to experience the unforgettable “surf in the air”. You will ride it standing up in a hanging platform infront of your friend which serves you as your surfer partner. From the start the surfer will go at an angle about 80 feet above the ground as it stops for a moment the platform swings. You can increase the swing if you wish. You continue your surf heading towards the ground and then reversing back to a climb. This surf through the air is repeated eight times.

Step Out of the RutWant to experience life like a cowboy? If you're a horse lover and would like to go on a horseback riding adventure, then the El Kabayo Equestrian Center is the place to visit in Subic Bay. Go and saddle up one of their handsome horses, not just the garden variety native type, but thoroughbreds and quarter horses, all suitably broken-in and trained to be gentle and obedient steeds. The center offers the traditional trail rides, the most popular being a one-hour ride into the jungle to Kabayo falls and back. No experience is required for these rides, for those who do not have experience a guide will walk along side. The falls is not much of a sight by itself except in the rainy season but it does provide a nice place to relax in the jungle for a few minutes Beginners and those who want to improve their riding ability can also take lessons at the center. Experience riders can also simply rent a horse and go through the paces in the riding arena.


Pax Rate per Head
2 PHP 3,150
4 PHP 2,700
8 PHP 2,300


     7 hours


  • Horse back ride for 1 hour
  • Superman
  • Canopy ride
  • Silver Surfer
  • Guided tour and Transportation
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