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     Seahorse Tours and Souvenirs is proud to present to our guest the very best of Subic Bay. We offer visitors to Subic bay a wide variety of activites and adventures some that can only be done here. These tours can be combined with hotel reservations to create your own personal vacation package. Do not forget to check out our scuba diving offers for certified divers, and our special discover dives for those who want to try the first time We also have some overnight camping trips check them out in the sports section.

  • Mount Pinatubo Trek

    The area is a contrast between the dust and lahars in the scarcely vegetated flats and river beds to the lush mountains sides with young trees and other cover. The transition between the two is dramatic with signs of massive erosion and towering cliffs.4x4 bring you to a start point. The trek itself is not a stroll through the park but does not require any great physical fitness level. Mount Pinatubo Trek details

    Price: P5,000 per person


    Day with the Mammals

    Our most popular full day tour. Who said education has to be boring. Add a little education about mammals and conservation to your vacation. This tour combines two of the most popular attractions located in the jungle around Subic Bay Freeport. The Zoobic Safari and Ocean Adventure. details of your adventure

    Price: P2,500 per person

    Mini-Survival training

    Have you Been watching too much of the "Survivor" on TV? Maybe you have worn out your DVD's of the Rambo movies? Here is a group of activities tailored to you! As early as 1904, with the first large scale arrival of US marines, The jungles of Subic Bay have been used to train military in survival techniques. Survival Details
    Price: P1,400 per person


    Mount Pinatubo Hot Spring Spa

    Another Mount Pinatubo adventure, this one to enjoy the Spa and hot springs.We leave the Subic area in the morning and take about a two hour drive to the spa When we arrive at the spa, guest will transfer to a 4 wheel drive jeep towards the Natural Hot Springs. Natural hot springs details

    Price: P4,500 per person


  • Horsepower in the Jungle

    The El Kabayo Equestrian center in the Binictican area of SBF offers a wide range of horse related activities The center uses horses imported from the U.S., Argentina, and Australia. The breeds include thoroughbreds, saddlebreds, quarter horses and even a few standardbreds. Horseback riding details

    Price: P1,400 per person


    Discover Scuba Diving

       Millions of people each year enjoy the thrill of scuba diving, while millions of others just wish about it. While scuba diving generally requires extensive and expensive training, it is possible to experience the thrill without the entire training program. A program called "Discover" diving allows an individual with basic swimming ability to experience it. Give Scuba Diving a try
    Price: P4,500 per person

    Tour Inclusions: Transportation, Dive T-shirt from Seahorse Tours Collection

    Step Out of a Rut

    Does life seem repetitive and boring? Want to get out of a Rut? Here is a fun package to give you a little lift and its great for a group of friend or co-workers. Pretend your Superman and fly among the trees of the Subic Jungles. The Ultimate Adventure is one of the tree top adventure can offer. Suspend by a harness zip between the treetops feet above the ground face down. Also includes a horseback ride in the jungle Do something different today more details

    Tour Inclusions: Horseback ride for 1 hour, Superman, Canopy ride, Silver Surfer, Guided tour and Transportation

  • City Tour

     This package gives the visitors a taste of adventure and exciting experience of the many activities within the area. This is a combination of activity and rolling tour that you will enjoy your self. City tour highlights

    Tour Inclusions: Tour on selected places within Subic Bay and Olongapo area, Transportation, Tour Guide

    Experience Twilight in the Cruise

    Pretend youre rich even if only for a few hours- Subic Bay is well known for sailing and yachting, its natural harbor is ideal for a short cruise. Whether it is for a special event for two or a group gets together, chartering a Yacht for a few hours is a wonderful way to explore Subic Bay and it may be cheaper than you think. See the Yachts available

    Tour Inclusions: Terminal fee, 3 hours cruise

    Island Hopping

       Have you been to Zambales to explore the fabulous islands and the well-known Anawangin Cove? Go overboard and be captivated by the stunning beaches, white sand, and the lighthouse. Island hopping has never been this good. Enjoy the sea and isolated beaches

    Tour Inclusions: Transportation, Boat transfers, tour guides, beach entrance fees

    Explore Clark and Do the Groove

    Indulge in an adventure where you could unravel the past and explore the diverse and rich Filipino culture. Dig in at Nayong Pilipino in Clark, Pampanga and witness how our ancestors' lifestyle was like just before Spanish colonization took place. Relive the past as you enter the replicas of indigenous and heritage houses, or you could watch cultural presentations that reflect the Filipino values, a closer look to what Filipinos were like in the past. Click here for details

    Tour Inclusions: Lunch at Yats Restaurant, , Horseback Riding, Nayong Pilipino

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     From water sports to jungle activities to survival type activities, Subic Bay got it all for you.
     Been longing for a weekend getaway or finding a spot for an extra challenge? We offer a range of packages that will suit your needs.
     We represent most of the Subic Bay Hotels and Resorts. Enjoy the relaxed environment and be stunned by the views of nature.
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