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Galapagos Islands Liveaboard– Is it your Bucket list Premier Destination?

Galapagos Islands Photo by pantxorama The Galapagos Islands often come up when divers and naturalist start talking about the ultimate destination for themselves. While not a mainstream destination, they do have their followers. If you are looking for high rise hotels, strange people or wild nightlife, this place is not for you. However, if you […]


Diving Down Under

Dive the Great Barrier Reef There are many reasons to take a trip Down Under, and scuba diving is one of them. Diving is available year round so any time should be fine. Just remember that the season are reversed from the northern hemisphere. The Great Barrier Reef is the leading tourist destination in the […]


Indonesia Liveaboards

Destination updates Indonesia is becoming more popular. The last few years has seen some major changes in the popularity of different liveaboard destinations. Scientific studies, political issues and environmental reports on the health on the Great Barrier Reef has caused some unsettled conditions in Queensland Australia. While the liveaboards that are diving the Great Barrier […]


The Myth of Scuba Liveaboards

The Myth of Scuba Liveaboards There are many myths around Scuba diving, you have to be an excellent swimmer, its a man’s sport and liveaboards are only for the advanced diver are some of them. While each of those might have been true at one time, they are far from true now. It does not […]


The Liveaboard Industry Comes Alive in the Philippines.

The Liveaboard Industry Comes Alive in the Philippines. The Tubbataha reef dive season is open and this year should be a record year for the reef. Tubbataha Reefs Natural Park is a 97,030-hectare Marine Protected Area (MPA) in Palawan, the westernmost Philippine province. It is located 150km southeast of Puerto Princesa City, at the heart […]

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Japanese Patrol Boat

Japanese Patrol Boat Was she sunk by Captain Dyees? Japanese Patrol Boat ©Peter Collins Type of site: Wreck Depth range 18 to 25 meters Specialties: AOW Wreck Current Generally calm Rating  ** While a small wreck, this is a favorite dive spot for many divers. Generally called the Japanese patrol boat this ship has […]

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philippine liveaboard

Malapascua Island Philippine liveaboards

Malapascua Island and Philippine liveaboards. The expanding of the Philippine liveaboard industry will also be a great benefit to local dive operations. Just like cruise ship passengers returning to spend a week in their favorite port of call, divers will come back to the areas that they liked the best. The trips that include Malapascua […]

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The Coral Sea & Ribbon Reefs

  The Coral Sea & Ribbon Reefs- The Worlds Best Year-Round Liveaboard Destination.   There are dozens of special destinations around the world that are normally only dived by liveaboard vessels. Often these destinations are very remote and difficult to get to. The Coral Sea & Ribbon Reefs is one of those destinations that is […]


Concrete Ship Wreck of Subic Bay

A Concrete ship of the same class as YON-146 The Concrete Ship Wreck of Subic Bay YON-146 World War II saw many interesting ship building activities, Concrete Ship building being one of them. Since the large ship yards were turning out capital ships, the corn field ship yards created the LST. These ships yards got that […]


LCU (LCT) Subic Dive Site

LCU (LCT) Subic Dive Site A typical LCU (6) Type of Site: Ship wreck Depth range: 10-21 meters (35-75 feet) Length: 119 feet plus surrounding reef Skill Levels: Open Water. Advance Open Water Current: Generally calm Visibility: 5-15 meters Average Dive Time Recreational Diver: 45-60 minutes Mooring Line: Attached to Winch on hull, Port side […]

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