Subic Bay, Olongapo, Zambales

Sea, Mountains or Jungle the choice is up to you

Top Ten Things To Do In Subic Bay

There are so many things to do at Subic Bay it is hard to make a list of just ten but here is a preview of what awaits you at Subic Bay this summer and in fact all year around.

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What to do at Subic Bay

Subic Bay offers a very wide range of activities, Ocean Adventure, Zoobic Safari, JEST Camp, Treetop Adventure, Sailing, Scuba Diving to name a few.

Capone Island Group

The Capones are on the other side of the Cino Picos that overlook Subic Bay. This Photograph is from San Antiono Zambales.

White Rock Water Park and Hotel

Near the north end of Subic Bay in the Town of Subic, This upscale resort has beautiful beaches and a full water park complete with wave pools

The Beach at Camayan Beach Resort

Camayan Beach Resort and Ocean Adventure are located in the Jungle where Subic Bay meets the Sea. Camayan Divers a dive operator is located at the resort

Ocean Adventure Zambales Coast Spanish 
lighthouse Silver Streak Capones Sunset Ocean Adventure
Formerly Seahorse Tours
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What to do at Subic Bay and Zambales

  1. Ocean Adventure
  2. Zoobic Safari
  3. Tree Top Adventure
  4. Survivor Training
  5. Horseback Riding
  6. Scuba Diving
  7. Life is a Beach
  8. Grove to the Beat
  9. The Good Life
  10. Get Together


ocean adventure

Ocean Adventure

  • The Ocean adventure theme park is a marine animal center that offers visitors a range of activities. One of the added attractions that they have is a swim encounter with their trained dolphins. Here guest have the opportunity to enter the water and swim with the dolphins and perform different tricks with them. Ocean adventure offers a number of shows each day that include a whale and dolphin show with there false killer whale and a few different types of dolphins. There is a sea lion show, animal trick show, and a high dive show.
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Zoobic Safari

Zoobic Safari

  • Come face to face with a man eating tiger, okay they eat mostly chicken but I would not get to close in case they wanted a snack of "Ladies" fingers. At Zoobic Safari you get close up to their tigers when you take the safari adventure, how close? Close enough to smell the chicken they just ate on their breath. In the safari adventure you are the one locked up in a cage, one on four wheels.up close to a tiger, Zoobic Safari subic bay After entering the special purpose safari vehicle there is a short drive to the tiger habitat, where the vehicle enters a set of double gates to get close to the tigers. As you slowly drive around the tigers come to investigate. Enticed by a snack of chicken they come right to you. The guide feeds chicken to the tiger through a small slot in the mesh covering. The tigers are also like to pounce on the roof, which allows the visitors a another close up as the roof has clear panels. Zoobic safari also has a mini-zoo that combines a traditional zoo and a petting zoo. Some of the animals are allowed to walk around the park. You can also feed chicken to the crocodiles, lower a piece of chicken from a fishing pool and see who is faster you or a hungry crocodile. Zoobic Safari is one of the major attractions at the Subic Bay Freeport offering visitors an experience with different animals, allow at least half a day for this attraction
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tree top adventure

Tree Top Adventure

  • Here you will challenge your self by rappelling down the side of a 60 foot tree or as they called it "Tree Drop Adventure". You can choose either feet first or the most daring Australian style (head first). In the movies there is always a scene about crossing a deep canyon using a zip line. Tree Top adventure has its own version, referred to as the “superman” ride. This is a modified zip line, however you are using an bar and harness arrangement to support you so that while you are zipping at treetop level 60 feet above the ground you are doing so face down.


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survival skills

Survival Training

    Take a hike along the Pamulaklakin forest trail with a real jungle survivor and learn some of his tricks of life. The Aeatas are a local people who have been living in the jungles of the Philippines for centuries. The modern day Aeata maintains many of the cultural traits and lifestyles of their ancestor. While the US military had there base here these people acted as forest rangers and also instructed survival skills to military members. Today many are still forest rangers and the survival teachers are now passing there skills on to tourist. Here tourist can take a hike with options between 30 minutes and three hours into the jungle of the Subic Bay watershed. While on your hike your guide will point out plants that can be used to help you survive , how to find drinkable water and make a shelter in a tree. There is also some survival skills demonstrations such as making fire using bamboo sticks and drinking water from a bamboo stalk.A similar activity can be done at the new JEST Camp. For a more hard core adventure, overnight and multiple night stays in the jungle are possible.
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ocean adventure

Horseback Riding

    The El Kabayo Equestrian Center in the Binictican area of subic Bay freeport offers a wide range of horse related activities.The center uses horses imported from the U.S., Argentina, and Australia. The breeds include thoroughbreds, saddlebreds, quarter horses and even a few standardbreds. The horses are a great contrast to the native breeds normally found in the Philippines. Even if riding is not on your agenda, a visit here is well worth the trip even if it is only to admire the magnificent horses. The center offers the traditional trail rides, the most popular being a one-hour ride into the jungle to Kabayo falls and back. No experience is required for these rides, for those who do not have experience a guide will walk along side


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Hotel Specials -Make A Hotel or Resort Reservation Now

You can get instant availability and confirmations on over 60 hotels from the Subic Bay Freeport Zone (SBFZ) ( SBMA), Olongapo including Barrio Barretto and Baloy Long Beach, Subic and southern portion of Zambales.Using the power of the Agoda system and their lowest price policy, Find out who has rooms on the dates you want. Click the banner and select your dates.
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scuba dive the wrecks and muck of subic

Scuba Diving

    Many places around the world brag at having three or four shipwrecks within an hour from their centers. Subic Bay has about a dozen, plus more for the technical divers, within ten munutes. The ships are mostly from WWII. Near the northern end of the airport is The USS New York the United States Navy's first armor cruiser seeing service from the Spanish American war. Inactive at the outbreak of WWII she was scuttled to prevent her being captured and repaired. Nearby her are two Japanese ships sunk during the war. In a cove near the southern end of the airport is a small Japanese patrol boat also sunk during the war. Near her are two small US ships sunk by storms after the war. Outside of the cove is an LST. Near her is another storm casualty a US freighter and there is a Spanish gun boat from the Spanish American war. Subic Bay does not have the crystal clear waters of most other Philippine locations. With wrecks it does not matter much, also in the world of diving a type of diving called muck diving is becoming popular and Subic Bay has many sites for muck diving.
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ocean adventure

Life is a Beach or Two or Three

    Subic Bay and Zambales are both well know for their beaches. The beaches along the shore of the bay are ideal for those who like calmer waters, while the beaches along the Zambales coast are great for waves.The beaches on the Subic Bay Freeport (sometimes incorrectly called SBMA ) are located out past the airport. These include the “All Hands” and “Dungaree” beaches. The City of Olongapo attracts most of the beach goers. Two parts of the town, Kalaklan and Barretto, border on Subic Bay. Both have a number of beaches and resorts. The city operates two beaches, Halfmoon in Kalaklan and Driftwood in Barretto. Jet skies and para-sailing is available. Boracay is consider one of the top beaches in the world. Great resorts and nighlife all built around the famous beaches. The beaches in Zambales are more like what Boracay was before it became built up. If you want a beach vacation that is focused on the beach and not the nightlife or being seen, then head to Zambales
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pier one

Grove to the Beat

    Olongapo has a wide variety of entertainment venues, Filipino’s love music and many are very talented. Every year thousands of Filipinos travel to other Asian countries as musicians and singers. In the navy days musicians looked upon Olongapo as almost a Mecca. The many clubs offered opportunities that were unmatched in any other part of the Philippines. If a band was lucky enough to get a gig at a club on the base and the sailors like them, they might get a contract to tour military clubs around Asia. Olongapo has long been known for it’s live music and that tradition continues. Today a large number of Clubs in Olongapo offer live music. Live music is not just in the clubs some dinning facilities such as Sam’s Pizza are also known for its live entertainment. The most visited by tourist are those on the Subic Bay Freeport, those along Magsaysay ave. of Olongapo and those along National highway in Barrio Barretto which is mostly "Gentleman clubs" that cater male guest. 
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Enjoy the Good Life , Even if Just for a Day

If you ask someone what do they associate the most with someone super rich, a common answer is they own a yacht and are pampered with massages. Subic Bay is well known for its sports and wellness activities. Take an afternoon and pamper yourself at one of the many spas in the Subic Bay area. For the ultimate spa experience spend a day at the five star Ritz Spa.

Subic Bay is also well known for sailing and yachting, its natural harbor is ideal for a short cruise. Whether it is for a special event for two or a group get together, chartering a Yacht for a few hours is a wonderful way to explore Subic Bay and it may be cheaper than you think. Many of the yachts berth at the Subic Bay Yacht can be rented for a few hours even a few days. You can arrange your yacht charter for a range of different size and styles of yachts and boats berthed here at Subic Bay. There is access to both power and sailboats from simple to ultra-luxurious. You can even arrange to cater a seven course gourmet dinner from one of the finest restaurants in the Philippines. Most of the charters are however looking for something a little less luxurious and opt for a sunset cruise with drinks and snacks. Most of the yachts are designed to party with up to10 to 15 but some are larger including one that will host a party of over 50. So step up in the world and step into a Subic Bay Cruise on a yacht.

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Reunions, Family Outings, Company Events

No need to be selfish.

The Subic Bay area is a great place to host an event. Have a family reunion selecting from any of the many hotels and resorts. Companies can combined training requirements with team building and still find time to relax. Two major convention centers can host thousands, while a few of the resorts have facilities for up to 500. Many more can host a company or LGU event for hundreds.

Many international sporting events are held each year in Subic Bay.

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